World Cup Mock Draw

December 3, 2009

So the World Cup draw is less than 24 hours away. Players, coaches, celebrities are in Cape Town, South Africa preparing for what will take place tomorrow. We at International Football Talk have been having a Mock Draw marathon this week. With all the possible procedures FIFA may use. FIFA are using the same procedure they used in 2006 for the draw. However, Netherlands will be seeded and France will be not as FIFA decided to use the world rankings for seeding purposes instead of a formula of world rankings and past World Cup performance. With that said I did a complete draw this time around. Including group positioning with selecting A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, B4, etc. to determing when and where games will be played. I will layout the entire schedule below if FIFA were to draw this exactly. All times are local South African time. South Africa is 6 hours ahead of eastern time during the summer. So matches on the east coast would be 7:30a.m., 10a.m., and 2:30p.m. From there you can figure out game times depending on where you live.

Pot A – South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
Pot B – Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, New Zeland, Honduras, Mexico, United States
Pot C – Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
Pot D – Denmark, France, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland

Group A
– South Africa
– Denmark
– Honduras
– Paraguay

South Africa v. Denmark Friday, June 11th 4p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City
Honduras v. Paraguay Friday. June 11th 8:30p.m. @Cape Town

South Africa v. Honduras Wednesday, June 16th 8:30p.m. @Pretoria
Paraguay v. Denmark Thursday, June 17th 1:30p.m. @Polokwane

Denmark v. Honduras Tuesday, June 22nd 4p.m. @Runstenberg
Paraguay v. South Africa Tuesday, June 22nd 4p.m. @Bloemfontein

Group B
– Argentina
– Cameroon
– Greece
– New Zealand

Argentina v. Cameroon Saturday, June 12th 1:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park
Greece v. New Zealand Saturday, June 12th 4p.m. @Port Elizabeth

Argentina v. Greece Saturday, June 17th 4p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City
New Zealand v. Cameroon Saturday, June 17th 8:30p.m. @Bloemfontein

Cameroon v. Greece Tuesday, June 22nd 8:30p.m. @Polokwane
New Zealand v. Argentina Tuesday, June 22nd 8:30p.m. @Durban

Group C
– Spain
– Slovakia
– North Korea
– Chile

Spain v. Slovakia Saturday, June 12th 8:30p.m. @Rustenberg
North Kora v. Chile Sunday, June 13th 1:30p.m. @Polokwane

Spain v. North Korea Friday, June 18th 4p.m. @Cape Town
Chile v. Slovakia Friday, June 18th 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park

Slovakia v. North Korea Wednesday, June 23rd 4p.m. @Pretoria
Chile v. Spain Wednesday, June 23rd 4p.m. @Port Elizabeth

Group D
– Netherlands
– Ivory Coast
– Portugal
– United States

Netherlands v. Ivory Coast Sunday, June 13th 4p.m. @Durban
Portugal v. Unites States Sunday, June 13th 8:30p.m. @Pretoria

Netherlands v. Portugal Friday, June 18th 1:30p.m.@Port Elizabeth
United States v. Ivory Coast Saturday, June 19th 1:30p.m. @Rustenberg

Ivory Coast v. Portugal Wednesday, June 23rd 8:30p.m. @Nelspruit
United States v. Netherlands Wednesday, June 23rd 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City

Group E
– England
– Nigeria
– Australia
– Switzerland

England v. Nigeria Monday, June 14th 1:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City
Australia v. Switzerland Monday, June 14th 4p.m. @Bloemfontein

England v. Australia Saturday, June 19th 4p.m. @Durban
Switzerland, v. Nigeria Satuday, June 19th 8:30p.m. @Pretoria

Nigeria v. Australia Thursday, June 24th 8:30p.m. @Rustenberg
Switzerland v. England Thursday, June 24th 8:30p.m. @Cape Town

Group F
– Italy
– Uruguay
– France
– South Korea

Italy v. Uruguay Monday, June 14th 8:30p.m. @Cape Town
France v. South Korea Tuesday, June 15th 8:30p.m. @Rustenberg

Italy v. France Sunday, June 20th 1:30p.m. @Nelspruit
South Korea v. Uruguay Sunday, June 20th 4p.m. @Bloemfontein

Uruguay v. France Thursday, June 24th 4p.m. @Polokwane
South Korea v. Italy Thursday, June 24th 4p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park

Group G
– Germany
– Slovenia
– Mexico
– Ghana

Germany v. Slovenia Tuesday, June 15th 4p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park
Mexico v. Ghana Tuesday, June 15th 8:30p.m. @Port Elizabeth

Germany v. Mexico Sunday, June 20th 8:30p.m. @Johannesbrg, Soccer City
Ghana v. Slovenia Monday, June 21st 1:30p.m. @Cape Town

Slovenia v. Mexico Friday, June 25th 4p.m. @Nelspruit
Ghana v. Germany Friday, June 15th 4p.m. @Durban

Group H
– Brazil
– Serbia
– Algeria
– Japan

Brazil v. Serbia Wednesday, June 16th 1:30p.m. @Durban
Algeria v. Japan Wednesday, June 16th 4p.m. @Nelspruit

Brazil v. Algeria Monday, June 21st 4p.m. @Port Elizabeth
Japan v. Serbia Monday, June 21st 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park

Serbia v. Algeria Friday, June 25th 8:30p.m. @Bloemfontein
Japan v. Brazil Friday, 25th 8:30p.m. @Pretoria

Round of 16 (in bracket order)
A1 v. B2 Saturday, June 26th 4p.m. @Port Elizabeth
C1 v. D2 Saturday, June 26th 8:30p.m. @Rustenberg
E1 v. F2 Monday, June 28th 4p.m. @Durban
G1 v. H2 Monday, June 28th 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park
B1 v. A2 Sunday, June 27th 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City
D1 v. C2 Sunday, June 27th 4p.m. @Bloemfontein
F1 v. E2 Tuesday, June 29th 4p.m. @Pretoria
H1 v. G2 Tuesday, June 29th 8:30p.. @Cape Town

Quarterfinals (in bracket order)
A1/B2 v. C1/D2 Friday, July 2nd 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City
E1/F2 v. G1/H2 Friday, July 2nd 4p.m. @Port Elizabeth
B1/A2 v. D1/C2 Saturday, July 3rd 4p.m. @Cape Town
F1/E2 v. H1/G2 Saturday, July 3rd 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Ellis Park

July 2nd winners Tuesday, July 6th 8:30p.m. @Cape Town
July 3rd winners Wednesay, July 7th 8:30p.m. @Durban

3rd place playoff
Semifinals losers Saturday, July 10th 8:30p.m. @Port Elizabeth

World Cup Final
Semifinal winners Sunday, July 11th 8:30p.m. @Johannesburg, Soccer City


World Cup Mock Draw

October 13, 2009

Pot A (Seeded)
South Africa

Pot B (Africa and South America)
Ivory Coast

Pot C (Europe)
Republic of Ireland

Pot D (Asia/Oceania and CONCACAF)
Korea DPR
Korea Republic
United States

So with those as the pots this is how my mock draw worked out. With the same draw procedure as used as was used in the 2006 World Cup.

Group A – South Africa, Chile, Serbia, Australia
Group B – Argentina, Ivory Coast, Rep. of Ireland, Japan
Group C – France, Ghana, Slovakia, United States
Group D – Spain, Paraguay, Denmark, Korea Republic
Group E – Germany, Egypt, Netherlands, Bahrain
Group F – Italy, Cameroon, Russia, Korea DPR
Group G – Brazil, Tunisia, Portugal, Honduras
Group H – England, Uruguay, Switzerland, Mexico

2010 FIFA World Cup Qualification Predictor

September 23, 2009


Group A (Current Standings)
Cameroon 7
Gabon 6
Togo 5
Morocco 3

CMR beat TGO
GAB draw MAR

MAR draw CMR
TGO beat GAB

Cameroon 11
Togo 8
Gabon 7
Morocco 5

Group B (Current Standings)
Tunisia 8
Nigeria 6
Mozambique 4
Kenya 3

NGA beat MOZ
TUN beat KEN

KEN lose NGA
MOZ lose TUN

Tunisia 14
Nigeria 12
Mozambique 4
Kenya 3

Group C (Current Standings)
Algeria 10
Egypt 7
Zambia 4
Rwanda 1

ZAM lose EGY
ALG beat RWA

EGY beat ALG
RWA draw ZAM

Algeria 13 * better goal difference*
Egypt 13
Zambia 5
Rwanda 2

Group D (Current Standings)
Ghana 12
Mali 5
Benin 4
Sudan 1

MLI beat SUD
BEN draw GHA

SUD lose BEN
GHA beat MLI

Ghana 16
Mali 8
Benin 8
Sudan 1

Group E (Current Standings)
Ivory Coast 12
Burkina Faso 6
Guinea 3
Malawi 3

MLW lose CIV
GUI draw BF

BF beat MLW
CIV beat GUI

Ivory Coast 18
Burkina Faso 10
Guinea 4
Malawi 3


Australia, Japan, Korea Republic, Korea DPR (already qualified)


1st leg @ Bahrain 0-0
2nd leg @ Saudi Arabia 2-2

Bahrain wins 2-2 on away goals


1st leg @ Bahrain 1-0
2nd leg @ New Zealand 1-1

Bahrain agg 2-1

South America

CONMEBOL (Current Standings)
Brazil 33
Paraguay 30
Chile 27
Ecuador 23
Argentina 22
Uruguay 21
Venezuela 21
Colombia 20
Bolivia 12
Peru 10

BOL lose BRA
COL draw CHI
VEN draw PAR
ARG beat PER
ECU beat URU

URU draw ARG
PER beat BOL
PAR beat COL
CHI beat ECU
BRA beat VEN

Brazil 39
Paraguay 34
Chile 31
Argentina 26 * better goal difference
Ecuador 26
Uruguay 22
Venezuela 22
Colombia 21
Peru 13
Bolivia 12


Hexagonal (Current Standings)
USA 16
Mexico 15
Honduras 13
Costa Rica 12
El Salvador 8
Trinidad & Tobago 5

CRC beat TRI
MEX beat ESL
HON draw USA

TRI lose MEX
ESL draw HON
USA beat CRC

Mexico 21
USA 20
Honduras 15 *better goal difference
Costa Rica 15
El Salvador 9
Trinidad & Tobago 5


1st leg @ Costa Rica 2-1
2nd leg @ Ecuador 2-0

3-2 on aggregate

Ecuador agg 3-2


UEFA Group 1 (Current Standings)
Denmark 18
Sweden 15
Portugal 13
Hungary 13
Albania 7
Malta 1

DEN draw SWE
POR beat HUN

SWE beat ALB
POR beat MAL
DEN beat HUN

Denmark 22
Portugal 19 *better goal difference
Sweden 19
Hungary 13
Albania 6
Malta 1

UEFA Group 2 (Current Standings)
Switzerland 17
Greece 14
Latvia 14
Israel 12
Luxembourg 5
Moldova 3

GRE beat LAT
ISR beat MOL
LUX lose SUI

LAT beat MOL
GRE beat LUX
SUI draw ISR

Switzerland 21
Greece 20
Latvia 17
Israel 16
Luxembourg 5
Moldova 3

UEFA Group 3 (Current Standings)
Slovakia 19
Slovenia 14
Northern Ireland 14
Czech Republic 12
Poland 11
San Marino 0

CZE beat POL
SVK beat SLV

CZE beat NIR
POL beat SVK
SMR lose SLV

Slovakia 22
Czech Republic 18
Slovenia 17
Northern Ireland 14
Poland 14
San Marino 0

UEFA Group 4 (Current Standings)
Germany 22
Russia 21
Finland 14
Wales 9
Liechtenstein 2
Azerbaijan 1

RUS draw GER
LIE beat AZE
FIN beat WAL

GER beat FIN
AZE lose RUS
LIE lose WAL

Germany 26
Russia 25
Finland 17
Wales 12
Liechtenstein 5
Azerbaijan 1

UEFA Group 5 (Current Standings)
Spain 24
Bosnia and Herzegovina 16
Turkey 12
Belgium 7
Estonia 5
Armenia 4

EST draw BIH
ARM lose ESP
BEL lose TUR

BIH lose ESP
EST draw BEL
TUR beat ARM

Spain 30
Turkey 18
Bosnia and Herzegovina 17
Belgium 8
Estonia 7
Armenia 1

UEFA Group 6 (Current Standings)
England 24
Croatia 17
Ukraine 15
Belarus 10
Kazakhstan 6
Andorra 0

BLR beat KAZ
UKR draw ENG

ENG beat BLR
KAZ lose CRO
AND lose UKR

England 28
Croatia 20
Ukraine 19
Belarus 13
Kazakhstan 3
Andorra 0

UEFA Group 7 (Current Standings)
Serbia 19
France 15
Austria 11
Lithuania 9
Romania 9
Faroe Islands 4

AUT beat LTH
SER draw ROU
FRA beat FI

FRA beat AUT
LTH lose SER
ROU beat FI

Serbia 23
France 21
Austria 14
Romania 13
Lithuania 9
Faroe Islands 4

UEFA Group 8 (Current Standings)
Italy 20
Ireland 16
Bulgaria 11
Cyprus 6
Montenegro 5
Georgia 3

IRE lose ITA
CYP lose BUL
MCG beat GEO

ITA beat CYP
IRE beat MCG
BUL beat GEO

Italy 26
Ireland 19
Bulgaria 17
Montenegro 8
Cyprus 6
Georgia 3

UEFA Group 9 (Current & Final Standings)
Netherlands 24
Norway 10
Scotland 10
Macedonia 7
Iceland 5

–Norway–(eliminated as lowest second place team)


1st leg @ Ireland 1-1
2nd leg @ Russia 2-0

Russia agg 3-1

1st leg @ Turkey 1-1
2nd leg @ Croatia 1-0

Croatia agg 2-1

1st leg @ Czech Republic 0-1
2nd leg @ France 1-0

France agg 2-0

1st leg @ Portugal 2-0
2nd leg @ Greece 1-1

Portugal 3-1

—***2010 FIFA World Cup Field***—

– South Africa (Host)
– Cameroon
– Tunisia
– Algeria
– Ghana
– Ivory Coast

– Australia
– Japan
– Korea Republic
– Korea DPR
– Bahrain

– Brazil
– Paraguay
– Chile
– Argentina
– Ecuador

– United States
– Mexico
– Honduras

– Denmark
– Switzerland
– Slovakia
– Germany
– Spain
– England
– Serbia
– Italy
– Netherlands
– Russia
– Croatia
– France
– Portugal